Franco-Iberian nanosensors workshop

vendredi 21 mai 2010

This workshop aims to foster contacts and collaborations on nanosensors and related fundamental science in south west Europe. Nanoparticles or nanostructured materials play an ever broadening rôle in physical, chemical and biological sensors. Understanding, designing and using these devices requires new approaches to finite size and interface effects.

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PNG - 15.1 ko This workshop aims to present the state of the art and identify open challenges in the field, with particular attention to :

- influence of finite size on the physical state
- enhanced reactivity at the nanoscale
- surface functionalisation and sensor-medium interfaces
- confinement effects in nanostructured materials
- detection and counting of single nano-objects

Outline program :

The workshop begins with a get together on Tuesday evening 19th October 2010 and ends after lunch on Thursday 22nd October. All invited and oral presentations are plenary. Posters and the exhibition will be on display during all breaks. Planned sessions include :

- Thermometry at the nanoscale
- Magnetic nanosensors
- Chemical sensing
- Single particle and near field detection
- Biological and medical applications

Confirmed speakers :

- Mario Berberan-Santos (Instituto superior técnico, Lisboa, Portugal) : Temperature and oxygen sensing with fullerenes
- Azzeddine Bousseksou (Laboratoire de chimie de coordination, Toulouse, France) : Bistable coordination polymer nano-particles-based sensors
- Luis Carlos (Centro de Investigação em Materiais Cerâmicos e Compósitos, Aveiro, Portugal) : Temperature and pH luminescent molecular sensors using lanthanide-containing functional materials
- Virginia Chu (Inesc Microsistemas e nanotecnologias, Lisboa, Portugal) : Thin film silicon sensors
- Laurent Cognet (Centre de Physique Moléculaire Optique et Hertezienne, Bordeaux, France) : Photothermal imaging of individual non-fluorescent nano-objects
- Pedro Costa (Centro de Investigação em Materiais Cerâmicos e Compósitos, Aveiro, Portugal) : In situ analysis of the stability of hybrid carbon nanotubes
- Juan Morante(Department d’electronica, Barcelona, Spain) : Nano metal oxide gas sensors
- Fernando Palacio (Instituto de ciencia materiales de Aragon, Zaragoza, Spain) : Magnetic nanoparticle-polymer composites, towards contactless sensors
- Fabrice Vallée (Laboratoire de spectrométrie ionique et moléculaire, Lyon, France) : Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of metal nanoparticles
- Paolo Vavassori (Nanogune, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain) : Manipulation of magnetic nano-structure domain walls for sensing nano-scale particles in bio-compatible environments

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