TransAlp’Nano 2010 Satellite School “Quantum wires, boxes and molecules”

vendredi 12 mars 2010

This school, open to doctoral students and postdoc is designed to draw parallels between different systems where confinment plays a key role. These are quantum wires, quantum dots in molecules. A number of differents scientific aspects will be presented in this School

TransAlp’Nano 2010 Satellite School “Quantum wires, boxes and molecules” Villa Cagnola, Varese May 30th-June 2nd 2010

Topics Transport in 1D wires – Fabrication, integration – Kondo physics with quantum boxes Photonics with Q-boxes, Q-boxes for photovoltaics, quantum dots for imaging Switchable molecules, molecular assemblies at surfaces Spintronics –molecular magnets Mechanics of 1D structures Lectures program

General lectures (3 hours each)

  • Electric transport in 1D wires : Gilad Barack – Harvard University
  • Fabrication and integration of 1D wires : Marco Fanciulli – MDM National Laboratory CNR-INFM
  • Photonics of quantum boxes : Richard Warburton – Basel University
  • Switchable molecules : Vincenzo Balzani – Universita di Bologna
  • Spintronics : Henri Jaffres – CNRS-Thales Lab., Université Paris-Sud Orsay

Thematic lectures (1 hour each)

  • Photovoltaics with Q-boxes : Shanna Crankshaw – EPFL-Lausanne
  • Opto-mechanics of cavities, Tobias Kippenberg – EPFL-Lausanne
  • Imaging with quantum boxes, Alberto Diaspro – Instituto Italiano di Technologica, Genova
  • Kondo physics with quantum boxes : Silvano De Franceschi – INAC Grenoble
  • Molecular assemblies at surfaces : Francesco Stellacci – MIT & EPFL
Stendhal comments on Varese and its surroundings :
Ensemble magnifique : au coucher du soleil nous apercevions sept lacs. Croyez moi, mon, ami, on peut courir la France et l’Allemagne sans avoir de ces sensation là.
- Stendhal, 1817


Those who are interested in participating in the School should register. Registrations will be accepted subject to place availability (60 max). For application, send a short CV by email The registration fee (€ 150) includes access to the School and a reduced fee for the Transalp’Nano 2010 Conference, as well as lunches, coffee breaks and accommodation for the duration of the School.

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