C’Nano Ile-de-France Board

C’Nano Ile-de-France board of C’Nano (C’Nano IdF) gathers research teams in nanoscience of the Ile-de-France region.

Board steering committee


Sorbonne Université - LCMCP



Board Members

C’Nano IdF board is composed of more than 20 researchers, lecturers and engineers, representing the main scientific research topics in nanoscience and nanotechnology addressed in academic laboratories of Ile-de-France region. They also act as local contact for C’Nano various activities

Prénom NOMEmployeur – LaboratoireThématique
Corinne CHANEACSorbonne Université – LCMCP Referent for Nanochemistry
Yannick DE WILDECNRS – Institut Langevin, PSLReferent for Nanophotonics
Frédéric HOUZECNRS – LGEPReferent for Nanometrology
Sandrine ITHURRIAESPCI – LPEMReferent for Nanochemistry
Sophie LANONEINSERM – IMRBReferent for Nanotoxicity
Ariel LEVENSONCNRS – C2NReferent for Nanophotonics & Nanometrology
Pierre SENEORUniversité Paris Saclay – UMPhyReferent for Nanoelectronics & Spintronics
Antoine THILLCEA Saclay – NIMBEReferent for Nanochemistry
Franck VIDALSorbonne Université – INSPReferent for Nanostructuration & Thin films

Michael ROSTICHERCNRS – LPENSReferent rooms of Paris downtown

Bernard BARTENLIANCNRS – C2NReferent for Residential thematic school
Sébastien BIDAULTCNRS – Institut LangevinReferent for Residential thematic school
Corinne CHANEACSorbonne Université – LCMCPRéférente for Residential thematic school
Salim Mourad CHERIFUniversité Sorbonne Paris Nord – LSPM
Referent for Residential thematic school
Nathalie LIDGI-GUIGUIUniversité Sorbonne Paris Nord – LSPMRéférente for outreach
David PORTEHAULTCNRS – LCMCPReferent for Residential thematic school
Ivan T. LUCASSorbonne Université – LISEReferent for Residential thematic school
Vincent REPAINUniversité de Paris – MPQReferent for Residential thematic school

Florent BABOUXUniversité de Paris – MPQReferent for Nanophotonics
Katia BARRALCNRS – INSISRéférente Valorisation en Sciences de l’Ingénierie et des Systèmes
Pascal BREUILLESCNRS – INCReferent for innovation in Chemistry
Julie CARIMALOCNRS – C’Nano Innovation & Prospective Coordinator
Corinne CHANEACSorbonne Université – LCMCP Référente for Chemistry of nanomaterials
Frédéric HAMOUDACNRS – C2NReferent for Nanofabrication
Eric LANGROGNETSociété Limpidea,
Filière Centrale Entrepreneur
Referent Deeptech
Ariel LEVENSONCNRS – C2NReferent for Prospective
Geneviève POURROYCNRS – INPRéférente for Innovation in Physics
Léa TRICHETCNRS – INSBRéférente for Innovation in Biology

Julie CARIMALOCNRS – C’Nano Communication Coordinator
Maéva LUBINCNRS – C’Nano Communication Officer

Entrepreneurship C’Nano program

Created in 2009 by the C’Nano IdF board, the C’Nano entrepreneurship program aims at stimulating a virtuous circle of nanotechnology transfer through start-up creation. It includes a residential seminar consisting of entrepreneurship awareness as well as a call for projects financing courses and coaching for project leaders in start-up creation.

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