Offres d’emploi

Post-doc Positions

2-year Post-­doc position
at LPCNO Laboratory
January, 2021 – Toulouse (France)

ANR Q-PIXEL: directed assembly of photoluminescent nano-objects for new generations of TV screens

1-year Post-­doc position
at ICSM Laboratory
September, 2020 – Chusclan (France)

Study of the interfacial layer & of the anisotropy of water dynamics within auqueous solutions confined in model silica materials

2-year Post-­doc position
at LPS Laboratory
September, 2020 – Orsay (France)

Self-Assembly of Plasmonic Nanoparticles in Confinement for Sensing
Application (NanopiCo)

1-year Post-­doc position
at ICGM Laboratory
January 6th, 2020 – Montpellier (France)

Synthesis and study of hyperthermia properties of magneto-luminescent nano-objects

2-year Post-­doc position
at Langevin Institute
January 1st, 2020 – Paris (France)

 Strong coupling and non-local phenomena with plasmon/molecule hybrid states

2-year postdoctoral position at CEREGE (Aix-­‐en-­‐Provence, France) and ALLIOS
(Marseille, France)

Safe by design functional coating for interior and exterior with enhance radiation efficiency: a way to save building energy

Permanent Contracts

Projet Leader – Nanochemistry


Engineer Position

1-year Biomedical engineer in medical imaging at ICMCB Laboratory
September 2020 – Bordeaux (France)

PhD thesis Positions

Developing a 3D dynamic microfluidic device of
pancreatic beta cells and adipocytes to
modelize multi-organ crosstalks during type 2
diabetes development

Materials and nanostructuring processes for personalized security features

Nonlinear quantum metasurfaces


6-months internship at LPCNO Laboratory
February 2021 – Toulouse (France)

Towards new generations of TV screens with electro-emissive pixels based on photoluminescent nano-objects

Internship at ISCR Institute
January-February 2021 – Rennes (France)

Formulation of plasmonic nanoresonators by emulsion